Friday, January 17, 2014


I need reminders.

I am forgetful.

It is one reason that I create art.

To solidify something in my brain.

Things that are true, noble, good, excellent, praiseworthy.

It's easy enough to remember the thing that cause me to grumble.

But there are things that I want to always remember.

Moments that matter.

With people that matter.

Creating memorials.

Of lessons learned and happy moments, miracle moments.

Surrounding myself with words and pictures and color

that reminds me

what I believe and how to live.

~ * ~


  1. Beautiful, Jodene. I need many ways to remember, to.

  2. As always inspiring and beautiful. Love lOve your work. Those clothespins are cute:)

  3. I found your blog while searching for upcoming events in the area that we recently moved to. You'll be near when your at Prairie Berry in SD soon, & please know that you have not acquired a stalker. Rather, you have inspired me. I've left 1 set of 'Footprints' for off an on for almost a yr since my Dads death. How to create a memorial to him without pictures of him? A shadow box made by him filled with pictures, mementos & embellishments that remind me of him & the special times. I admire your God given abilities & thank you for sharing your thoughts! I'm blessed to have found your blog & t
    God Bless


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