Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Living Wholehearted. What's gratitude got to do with it?

Sunday I taught this class on creating a journal from a repurposed book
by creating a collaged cover using a photograph, similar to my art pieces on wood & canvas.
I shared this time with a lovely group of seven women at Scrappin' Ladies in Pierre, SD.

But it wasn't just about the project.
It was about their life.  My life.  Really living it.

I have a couple more of these coming up,
so I wanted to share a bit about what you could expect.

Through sharing my own personal stories
of moving from seeming to always fall short to abundant living,
{not necessarily materially, but mentally, emotionally, spiritually}
I will share how gratitude moves us
into living wholehearted, fulfilling lives
right in the mess of everyday, ordinary stuff
as well as the biggies.

Back at Christmas 2008,
I wrote about it in a Christmas letter
you can read about it here.

I share about being real and about savoring life's little treasures.

Here is what you can look forward to at a Wholehearted {Gratitude Journal} event:

We will transform an old book into a personal, unique work of art 
featuring one of your own personal photographs.
You will enjoy curling up with your journal and recording those priceless moments
with words, photos, art, or whatever your mind comes up with...
We will create a bookmark from a heart-shaped rock, twine and ribbons.
We will laugh, visit, perhaps shed a few tears, and tell stories.
We will be brave in trying new things.
We will find things to be grateful for.  The deep things. The really important stuff.
I will share my personal journey of discovering gratitude and beauty in my everyday life.

I have two Wholehearted {Gratitude Journal} events coming up.
Click here for the details and registration information:  FALL SCHEDULE

Here is a sneak peek at  projects
from the last journal class.

In addition to writing,
photography is one of the ways that I record my gratitude.
Sunday was a great day of journal-making and friendship building
finished off by this beautiful drive home across the prairie.

Sharing with you some gratitude in photos 
for this great state of South Dakota. . . 

. . . during the "magical hour" when the prairie
is lit up
in all her glory.

The two events I have coming up:
ARTescape afternoon on
November 3 at the Jon Crane Gallery in Hill City, SD
an evening class on
November 7 at Sturgis Photo and Gifts in Sturgis, SD.
Click here for event schedule and sign up details:

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  1. i love those long shadows too, jodene. wish i was your 'real' next door neighbor in physical locale, would sure love to take that class... and how i love my one thousand gifts book... hard times are great times for praise and thankfulness. love ya! blessed~~by you!


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