Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Before The Perfect Storm

I went for a walk
Monday, September 30.

These were the photos from the walk.
I am just looking at them for the first time today.

Friday of that same week
was the perfect storm
that hit our area of the prairie and Black Hills.
Starting with soaking rain, freezing rain, ice on the windows while lightning flashed
and thunder boomed as the snow and wind started.
The fury of a summer and winter storm all wrapped into one.

On Monday, it was a beautiful late summer day.
Sure, we knew that weather was coming.

We prepared like we usually do.
But this was not a usual storm.

And so, our land and lifestyle has wounds that will become scars.
But scars are healed spots that remain a bit tender . . .
of what we have been through
on our journeys to where we are going
and remind us to have compassion for others on their journey.
Scars are nothing to be afraid of or ashamed of . . . 
they show life lived with courage.


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  1. This is beautiful. And all your love and passion is contagious!! You are remarkable, Jodi!!!


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