Monday, July 15, 2013

Painted Prairie Songs ~ What it's all about.

On Saturday, July 27,
I am hosting an art & photography retreat-style class
at my home, indoor and outdoor, on Shaw Ranch,
on the western South Dakota prairie.

It is called Painted Prairie Songs
because it is inspired by the
wildflowers that paint the prairie that is filled with bird-songs.
Wildflowers and birds that express everyday beauty
and love of God who cares for us
so much more than these flowers and birds.

I have to tell you
that it is not just about art.
It is not just about photography.
It is so much more than that.

Art supplies and projects
and cameras
are simply the tools that I use
to open my own eyes and bring into focus
so much more than pretty things.

You do not have to be "creative".
You do not have to be "an artist".
You do not have to be a "photographer."
You do not need to have fancy skills or equipment.
I just use these things to help you see and think.

The things I will share
started with blank journals and scrapbooks and a point-and-shoot camera for me.
I started scared to death buying my first "grown-up" art supplies.
How could purchasing paint and brushes and glue make me feel so vulnerable?
But it did.
I will talk about that.
I will talk about the fear of messing up that holds us back from even starting.
And about the courage of taking first steps and how the mundane and even mess-ups
contribute to the beauty in the end.

So here is a little bit of what my classes are about...

It is about 

opening the eyes of your heart.

It is about

seeing beauty in the messiness and busy-ness of everyday life.

It is about slowing down

and thinking about 

what you want your life to be about 

and how you want to live.

It is about creating something

that helps you remember

a life lesson you have learned,

or gratitude instead of grumbling,

God's goodness and love,

how far you have come,

an "a-ha moment", or

words that you want to live by.

It is about

thinking about "what I am thinking about."

It is about getting rooted and grounded in love and truth.

It is about your


It is about acknowledging your here and now

as well as the stirring in your spirit of what is calling you.

About listening to the deep interests and passions

that exist within you full of purpose and intention.

It is a day

to quiet yourself down.

To be still.

To listen.

To give thanks.

To honor.

It is a day for me to share with you

the things that have helped my heart, mind, soul and spirit

and to pass it on to you.

It will be rich

in spirit

in truth

in uniqueness

in authenticity.

It is a day for you to be renewed.

You can join me by registering here:

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  1. Oh how I want to be there with you!! What a wonderful day you have planned!!!!



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