Tuesday, July 9, 2013

On Abundant Life ~ Photo Journal

The past two weeks have been a definition of abundance.

Jesus said, "I have come that they may have life and have it more abundantly."
So . . . thank you Jesus, for the blessings of abundant life.

Abundant family.

Abundant love.

* Dawn Wink sharing love for prairie, writing, art and life.  Visit her Photo journal here:  Dewdrops *
* Her new book Meadowlark will be available July 30, 2013.  View the gorgeous prairie cover here:  Meadowlark *

Abundant new friendship.

* Shopping with Missy at another new friend, Kelly Hoffman's, GASP Studio booth at Kountry Junkin'

* Invitation to apply for 2013 First Lady's Prairie Art Showcase in Pierre *

Abundant opportunity.

* Fourth of July Tradition: dinner and cards and creek-wading at Walker's Cabin *
*Add in discovery of "gold" in the creek for this year!*

Abundant tradition.

Abundant celebration.

* Celebrating RAIN. *

Abundant coffee.

Abundant freedom.

Abundant sunshine.

Abundant learning.

Abundant courage.

Abundant cuteness.

Abundant thoughtfulness in bouquets of flowers.


Abundant creativity.

Abundant silliness and giggles.

A "Grandma Linda" created dress passed on . . . 

Abundant sharing.

Abundant ideas.

Abundant simplicity.

Abundant cuteness {did I say that already???}




Abundant expression.

Abundant conversation.

Abundant coffee {oh, yes I said that one already too!}

{Many thanks to Missy Urbanik and Jenn Stomprud for helping me out with photography for this post and the last two posts as well!  It's hard to teach and photograph at the same time!}


  1. Oh, Jodi, this is GORGEOUS! I am just now catching up on emails from being gone and focusing on the manuscript. What a treat to experience the beautiful day of your workshop and then to find our time together here! Just gorgeous. What a blessing to have met and connected with you. I look forward to many more conversations on the deck and beyond. Love, Dawn

  2. Just so you know EVERY SINGLE TIME I come here I am inspired to BE MORE. DO MORE. To LiVE ABUNDANTLY. you are such a gift to everyone you meet. Truly a gift. What a way to live your talents the Lord has given you.

    Also WONDERFUL news about being asked to showcase your work!!!

    Have a great rest of the week, Jodi!!!!!



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