Monday, June 10, 2013

That Kind of Guy

My brother was excited to show me
the wild flowers that bloom
in his favorite hunting spots.

So he took me for a walk
with two of my kids.

Because he is that kind of guy.

And let me linger over flowers
for periods of time

that can test
a person's a patience.

We stopped often
for snacks and drinks of water.

We let Gypsy
run off some energy.

He was disappointed there
were not more flowers for me.

Because he is that kind of guy.

I was just pleased to spend time


in the quiet

except for an occasional

blue tick coon hound braying.

Happy to be unhurried

with my camera.


Eager to share.

Waiting for me.

Carrying E on his shoulders for a while.

Because he is that kind of guy.

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  1. What a sweet brother!! And those photos of your little girl are priceless:) Looks like you have a very thoughtful brother!! And those flowers are perfect for your work!!!


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