Friday, June 21, 2013

Cherish Moments Where You Are

Lately, I have noticed this
"missing out"
kind of feeling.

Let me explain.

If you have ever been to Disney World,
you might remember that there are things happening ALL of the time.

There is a parade going on here, there are fireworks there,
there is a rollercoaster here,
and you are getting ready to eat with characters now,
and there is a program here,
and a play going on there and a concert there.

And instead of just thoroughly being present and enjoying
you find yourself looking over at the music coming from someplace else.
You see people having fun over there
and you feel like you are missing out on something big.

It seems like that is how summer goes.
There are so many wonderful things to say "yes" to.
We find ourselves choosing between great things to do,
and wondering if we should have said "yes" to the other thing.

But here is the thing that I am trying to practice:

Pay attention to the moment that you do say "yes" to,
and savor it fully.
Enjoy it.
And let go of the other things.
Just use my five senses as well as my thoughts and spirit
to really take in the choice of now.

It is what this art piece is all about 
that is made up from my background
and my daughter's drawing.

It is soaking in where she and I are right now.

I know, I know.
This is ONE MORE thing to add to your list of options!
But, let me encourage you,
if you say "YES" to joining us on July 3 or July 6,
come fully present, ready to soak in the moments!

The June 26 date is already full,
but there are 2 spots left on the July 6
and 4 on July 3.

You can register here:

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