Friday, January 25, 2013

Made In South Dakota

Last week
I was honored
to display my art in the 
Made in South Dakota Showcase
at the 
South Dakota Governor's Conference on Tourism.

What I loved,
was being surrounded by people
who have a love and fascination for South Dakota.

And South Dakota people
are fast friends . . . 
fast family, in fact.
Because we immediately
start asking where one is from,
start telling where we are from,
where we have roots,
and who we know and love
in the community
our new friend is from.
We find out a mutual affection for a person or a place
that has a fond spot in our memory.
We make the small world connections
and we are soon
as South Dakotans . . . 
practically family.

I had a wonderful place between down-home Lori & Roger Pietz's Kuchen Kitchen 
(South Dakota's state dessert)
-- kuchen means "cake" in German --
and sweet Kari from
Kari's Kreations
with all her lovely beaded accessories.

I bonded with Diane and Ann from the Ingalls Homestead
over our love for all things Laura Ingalls Wilder,
and, deep breath . . . . beagles.

I made fast friends with Kris
as we selected the best pieces
for her new store opening soon in Garretson, SD.

I knew I could talk for hours with Colleen
at Prynt Comm
when I picked up my business brochures.

I met so many wonderful people.
With a desire to share their love of South Dakota.

Seeing the beauty right where you are.
That is one of the core messages
that I want to share.

When I become fascinated with the everyday ordinary beauty around me
and fall in love with the details that make
I live in a place of abundance.

I see the gifts of flowers or frost or sunsets and stars.
I savor the fragrance of the air when it is crisp and clean in the winter
or heavy with humidity and fresh cut hay.
I look at the pattern of a birthmark on my daughter's cheek,
or the salt and pepper tint of my husband's hair
and love that they are like nobody else.

I fall in love with my life.

That includes becoming fascinated with my home state.

I fell in love
with the Missouri River.

I could spend hours walking along the river
listening to the geese and ducks
and watching the eagles that take my breath away.

My week ended with a lovely
artist reception at Prairie Pages Bookseller.

In first grade, I was awarded
a shiny circle wrapped in aluminum foil
with a yellow construction paper circle
that said,
"Class Bookworm".

Prairie Pages,
was perfect combining my love for books, the prairie and art
all in one beautiful little bookstore.

An afternoon of smiles and hugs,
from new friends and old.

I met Lloyd.
He first talked to me about owls.
Because I live at White Owl, 
and he used to work at the Red Owl grocery store that is now Dakotamart.
He showed me his photo album in his pocket.
Told me about every picture.
My favorite was the sunflower
with the heart in the middle.
He is 82, loving the people and places around him, remembering it all with his camera.
We had so much in common.
He asked about how I got started taking pictures and making art.
I told him about how my eyes were opened up to the beautiful things
right where I lived and I fell in love with my life.
I told him I had a journey with God that opened my eyes.
He and I got a little misty eyed.
Misty eyes makes kindred spirits.
Lloyd made my day.

Along with Peggy and Kathy,
Kerry and Bobbi, Becky, Jim and Vicki,
Andrea, Ruby and Kristi, and Sage.
Great people.

Thank you so much to the 
South Dakota Department of Tourism
and to 
Prairie Pages Bookseller
for a warm welcome
and places to share my love of the South Dakota prairie.

it is good to be home.
I had a week of sipping hot lemon and ginger tea with honey,
nursing myself back to health.

January ends next week
I am pleased to share
my next event for February:

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  1. It has been just so beautiful to watch your story unfold. Your artwork keeps it. You continue to inspire and light a fire in my heart.

    Have a wonderful day!!!



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