Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Just do what you can do today

Anyone else feel like they
are always 2 weeks behind?

I have to remind myself
that the
are always swarming
around in my head.

Should be this.  Should be that.

But all I can do is now.  And all I can do is today.

Life happens.

And I have to remind myself
that it rarely, if ever, goes according to Plan A.
I am learning that
"Life is all about Plan B"
and that there is an alphabet of letters
waiting when B doesn't work out either.

So, my art class, 
A Note To Self
is now available on December 8.
I'd love for you to join us!

In addition,
here are my other upcoming events:

Friday, November 30 ~ 4:00-9:00 p.m.
Saturday, December 1 ~ 10:00-5:00 
Sunday, December 2 ~ 11:00-3:00

Prairie Pages Bookseller January 2013 Artist of the Month
Original Art and Prints for sale throughout the month of January
321 S. Pierre Street
Pierre, South Dakota
Artist Reception Friday, January 18 from 1:00-6:00 p.m.

Made in South Dakota Vendor
Wednesday, January 16 - Thursday January 17, 2013
Best Western Ramkota Hotel & Conference Center
Pierre, SD

So, as I am busy preparing for these events,
I am anticipating the people I will get to meet and spend time with.
New friends and classic friends for sure.

Become and remain fascinated with the ordinary, my friends.
My five year old, Erin Grace, helps me remember this.
And when the ordinary is cause for fascination and celebration,
life becomes abundant . . . full of richness.
And that is just how I want to live.
Abundant richness in the everyday ordinary.


  1. Beautiful words and art, Jodene. And tonight I needed this reminder. I am exhausted!! Isubbed art all day then had the girls from church over for a Brave jammie party and I am wiped out!!! I had planned on working in my studio!! But I am taking a break and just resting. Not Plan A for sure but I have done enough today!!

    Love to you, friend. So happy for all your work that's getting out there. Someday I am going to have extra cash and BUY a piece of your work!!


  2. Oh your classes are going to be so fun! I hear you with the 'should be's'. :)

  3. I have been learning a lesson over and over this fall: "there is enough time in each person's life to complete their own tasks here on earth."

    You have given yet another reminder to me to relax and concentrate on MY roles rather than getting stuck worrying about a to-do list filled with shoulds and have-tos.



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