Sunday, July 15, 2012

Wildflowers Paint The Prairie Photo Walk

is not just what we ought to do,
our duty or obligation,
but true gratitude . . . 
seeking and thinking on the things to be grateful for . . .
and holding it dear,
that actually
brings us into the very presence of God.

Here's the song we started the day with
that played in my mind
while we were on the prairie
and throughout our day together:

Sometimes we have to let go
of what we 
hoped for.

So that we can enjoy what we find instead.
A few weeks ago, I'd hoped for birds.
But we found purple cone flowers (echinacea).
I had envisioned lots of purple cone flowers for this photo walk
but we had an abundance of other varieties instead.

We were blessed with rain a week ago.
Without it, the grass would not have been green.
Yet I know, even so, there would be wildflowers
pressing up through the dry cracks.

The prairie flowers were beautiful.

But the true joy was the beauty of the women I shared the day with.
Seeking beauty.
Focusing on gratitude.
Seeing that if God cares so much for the flowers of the field,
how much more does He care for each of these

The flowers remind us of gratitude to our Creator.
And that He cares deeply for us.

Reminds us that like each flower,
we are like no other person,
each with a beauty of it's own to give.
And that it takes each one being and doing 
what they are called to be and do
to make the vast beauty of a prairie
and of a Body.
The Body of Christ takes each one.

And each one is important and loved
because of The Maker.
Important to and loved by The Maker.

And I was reminded to share
the connections, the callings, the stirrings in my spirit
with others.

How the pieces come together,
because as we risk and share,
we see the hand of God,
His circle and cycle of grace,
and we grow
to deeper relationships


  1. Hi Jodene,

    What a beautiful post. Wildflowers are so perfect in every way. Thanks for the lovely message.


  2. Jodi (with an 'i')--this was so beautiful. 'Awake my Soul'---I love that song. We sang it last week.

    Bless you.


  3. What a lovely post. Oh how I wish I was a part of your wildflower retreat. It sounds like something I so need now in my life. Thanks for your words and photos. Always a treat and brings light to my day.



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