Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Teaching Vacation Bible School

This week
I'm teaching vacation Bible school
to kids age 11 and over.

The Olympics is our theme.
Lots of richness of truth and dedication and endurance for our spiritual race here.
Loving these kids.  
Loving God and how He works things out so playfully-unique and impossible-to-orchestrate
so that I know it's Him.

We are making Scripture memory verse cards
inspired by Beth Moore and her index card "Siesta Scripture Memory Team"
and Melody Ross and her index cards of "My Life Rules",
mix it all together,
and this is what I've got!
Can't wait to show the kids' projects.
They are artists!

Oh, and by the way, I almost forgot,
did you see that I get to teach "big girls"?
I have a retreat that I'm doing on June 23.
It'll be like vacation Bible school for grown-up girls!
Look at my tabs at the top of this blog page for all the details,
or just click here:

(Space is limited to the first 20 . . . 15 spots are left today)

YAY!  I'm so excited for opportunities to share!
"Stop! And let me tell you what the Lord has done for me."
is what the kids sang today.
And it's what I say too!

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