Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day 2012 ~ Shaw Ranch

May Day on the ranch

May 1, 2012

One of the many busiest times of the year

on a ranch

and with school age kids.

Bright and early

we moved our cow-calf pairs

to the branding pasture

also known as "The School Section".

We had them moved by 8:00 a.m.

The kids were only a little late to school.

On the highway coming back from school drop-off,

I veered to the shoulder,

checked my rear-view mirror and whipped around.

Erin, just turned five, says something like, 

"Mom, why do you ALWAYS stop to take pictures of birds?"

I just smile and do it anyway.

I tell her that I will miss her when she goes to kindergarten in the fall.

She says, "Mom, I will be with you for sixty years."

I said, "Sixty years?  I will be almost . . ." (I was adding in my head and about to say 100)

"Dead." she finished my sentence, and we both laughed.

Actually, I laughed a little too much.  Because then she buried her head in her hands.

And then I thought about how little time we have together on earth . . . 

and the hope of heaven.

But then,

my brakes bring us to a dusty halt again.

Chokecherry blossoms.

"Mom!  Now what?"

"Chokecherry blossoms," I say and hop out with my camera.

"Can I get out?" she asks.


"Ok, Mom, you count, I'll hide."

So I am snapping shots of blossoms

and she says,

"Count!  Come ON!  COUNT!"

So I count, and seek.

Afternoon comes.

After laundry
folding clothes
and fixing (click below for recipe which got a thumbs up)
and dishes
and more laundry.

With afternoon,
a remembered promise,
"Mom, you said you'd come watch me ride my bike after lunch."

I did indeed say that I would.

So, camera over the shoulder,
I go to the yard to watch her ride bike.
But I can't sit still.
So I tell her I will fill the bird feeders while she rides.
She comes to help.
A normally quick job,
becomes lengthy.
She scoops and scoops and scoops.
Because I won't let her pour.

She has a "great idea".

She remembers another time we sat in the shade
of the cottonwood on the flowered quilt.

She goes to find it.

And we relax for a while together.

I read a bit.

She chatters and finds a lady bug
just like last time
we sat under this tree with this quilt

I get her a drink and a popscicle.
But before she can drink her water,
Toby, the beagle, finds her glass.

I had hoped to make my announcement of my upcoming news
this week.
However, this is branding "week" at the Shaw Ranch.
Full of preparation for the big day on Friday.

Along with school field trip, moving cattle around,
grandparents day at school, kindergarten registration . . . 

So I will make my announcement next week.

This post really is an indicator of my announcement.

It is all about beauty in everyday life.

But not my everyday beauty.


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  1. Your every day life is beautiful, but you know, I think you are the kind of person who would find beauty where ever you found yourself

  2. What a glorious post! I felt like I was there with you!
    Love in Him,

  3. I love to hear you conversations with Erin. Just priceless. Gorgeous photos Jodi! I have Pioneer Woman on DVR too! ;)

  4. Priceless, glorious moments and you captured them all. Fantastic photos, beautiful moments

  5. Hi Jodi, thank you for sharing your day with us! Very interesting and it's beautiful you captured it with pictures too! I love the birds! and I love your conversation! Patsy from

  6. I am soooo excited!! Cannot wait til your announcement.

    Beautiful words and photos. I love how you see things.

  7. Sounds like a lovely day with your girl, Jodene :) I am sitting outside, enjoying the birdsong and watching my boy play. Love that your daughter said she will be with you for sixty years!

  8. Oh, what kind of beautiful birds did you take pictures of here? I am a birder to some degree and love to see colorful creations in God's beauty. I came by for I was very late in posting my Soli Deo Gloria post and did not link up. But I wanted to say hi to our small group and wish you a week filled with God's love and blessings. It sounds like you have much to be busy about, but if you do get a chance to read here, know that you are in my prayers.
    Caring through Christ, ~ linda

  9. Hoping your week is filled with blessings and delight, ~ linda

  10. That's so sweet. It seems you really had a great time with your daughter. There is nothing more to ask for when you are having the sweetest and most precious time with your family. By the way, these are lovely pictures that you've taken of the ranch. That is really lovely! Take care!


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