Thursday, December 29, 2011

With My Girls

Christmas vacation.

Overeating much richness, feasting, celebrating.

Rambunctious kids.

Time for exercise, fresh air, time together, photographs.

Honestly,  I was planning to walk alone,
have some quiet,
listen to some Francesca, TobyMac, 10th Avenue North,
get a brisk, quick workout.

But my girls had other plans.
And that was best anyway.
Because we got all that we needed and more.

Can you tell by the looks on those faces
that they had sat next to a pile of deer poop?
And we were avoiding piles the entire time.

Erin had decided to draw a map of our trip.
Syd and I had repeatedly reminded her
that she would have to carry her notebook and pen
the entire way.

Which just made her more determined in her purpose
to use the notebook.

So as she drew up our plans,
I tried to take photos of my camera-shy girl.
This is why I have so few photos to share of my sweet Syd:

She said today that her friend Emily
has helped her to be more confident
and to laugh
and not worry about
other people looking at you
especially for programs and singing.
What a great friend for Emily to be!

We hunted for nests . . .

and good spots for
ice skating on
White Owl Creek.

piggy-back rides

stomping on mole-hills,


and sister-laughs.

Erin's map showed the most important
part of her destination:

Can you see the distinct spot?

Here is a clue that we made it:

no lack of happiness, posing, or cuteness here.

Oh what fun to be four-and-a-half
and make it to your goal!
To jump and play on the haystacks.
She planned it out,
wrote it down,
talked about it all the way,
and took one step at a time toward it,
until she made it.
And then
she reveled in it,
had a blast!

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  1. What a beautiful walk you girls had!! Reminds me of our adventures when my kids were little. We would go out on Lion King Adventures...sooo fun and some of my fave memories with my kids!!

    Your writing here was grand!



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