Saturday, May 28, 2011

Like Nobody Else

From the movie P.S. I Love You

"Find that thing that makes you like nobody else."

I love that line.

Makes me think of birds.

Yes, birds.

Embracing my bird fascination started with my grandma, yes,

but also this that I wrote a couple years back:

Grandma Marj had a unique appreciation for birds that became a natural part of my heart as well.  Growing up next door, affection for birds seemed like a normal part of life.  It never occurred to me until I went to elementary school that it was odd to call a bird by its proper name.  After all, a black capped chick-a-dee was not a nuthatch, nor was a slate junco an evening grosbeak.  Furthermore, to call it simply a bird was to disregard its unique identity.  A bird has a name after all.  The name was an intricate aspect of the masterpiece that each bird was.

A name.  A unique identity.

We all have a unique identity.

And things that make us like nobody else.

We are not the same.

And that



The thing that makes you and me like nobody else . . .

some people will

like it,

some will love it,

some will need it,

some will ignore it,

some will think it is foolish,

some will not even see it.

But what others think of it

is not as important

as being true to who each of us is made to be.

Even if those we want



and those we want


celebrate with

are not interested.

It is ok.  It may not be for them.

And that is ok.

And it does not mean we should stop

being what makes us like nobody else.

If I waited for everyone

I loved

to see and embrace and encourage

me to




and to put it all together . . .

I never would have started.

And it is nobody else's responsibility

to find, to see, to embrace, to encourage, or to live

the thing

that makes me like nobody else.

The thing

that gives joy

to my heart

like nobody else.

It is for me

to be,

to live,




think it is weird or foolish.

"Find that thing that makes you like nobody else."

And embrace it.

Be it.

Live it.

This was a sneak peek into my studio for this week.
I have been taking these photos of birds
through the windows of my home.
sneak peek
See what others are creating in their "studios" here
at Jennifer's blog:

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Copyright 2011.


  1. Really good stuff here! I love the photos and the words are perfection! :) Thank you for sharing this's so so true!

  2. What a beautiful post! And beautiful photography - good to catch up with you, xoxo

  3. Just wonderful that you are able to capture those photos from your windows! Your post and photos just go to show that if you stop and really look (and smell and listen ;) then you will see so much more. My hubby and I tease each other as we sit outside at night and just relax and listen and watch THAT we've turned into our Signs of age...maturity...I'm sure! But I really don't care anymore what others think of it. We are just enjoying the irony of where we've come from and where we find ourselves now. Have a wonderful weekend. Fondly, Roberta

  4. Oh my bird loving heart loves this post so much. Beautiful Jodi! I also came to my love of birds from my grandma. Being true to who we are meant to be. I find that such a gift, and a journey! :) Thank you for sharing your precious heart. ♥

  5. Yes! I love your timely birdy messages~
    You are a sweet inspiration in my creative life, thank you for sharing your heart!

  6. Beautiful post! Just what I needed to hear.
    Love those birdies too. :)

  7. Jodene - this is such a powerful post...the message is so universal - many need to hear it...I am praying that somehow this message - perhaps through your post - will go resonates in my heart as a universal call from the Holy Spirit...thank you for being so obedient!


  8. This is really a wonderful post! It what I needed to hear tonight.
    These photos of the birds are just beautiful. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  9. I love this post and the way you put it a small inspo book you pick up at the gift shop...just lovely.

  10. Jodene, such good, encouraging words to embrace FULLY.


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