Friday, September 3, 2010

Sneak Peek Friday: small step at a time

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So here is my sneak peak of creativity this week . . .

I am working on a piece

" small step at a time"

It is what I have been doing lately

even though some steps have felt like

giant leaps of faith

those did require small steps to get to the leaping point.

It seems to be a theme at this time of year and life
*back to school for my kids
*New friends from Flying Lessons~artists, photographers, writers taking new steps
*registering for the Black Hills Photo Shootout

Beginning one small step at a time

often includes walking toward one thing and away from another.

Even when we know we should and want to

there is a part that wants to stay and hang on to where we have been.

This morning my three year old daughter Erin wanted to visit Grandma.

So we decided it would be a step of courage for her.

She was quite hesitant to go,

but Toby, the beagle, went with her.

I gave her a popscicle for the walk...a treat to occupy her mind.

She walked along the road

looking back at me every so often

standing on the deck.

Then started down the hill.

I saw her blonde top-knot pony tail bobbing along

until it almost disappeared.

Then she called, "Mommmm??"

And the pony tail reappeared.

"It's ok!"  I hollered to her.

Then she disappeared completely from my sight.

Again, she called, "Mom?" from the point where she could not see me

but she could still hear my voice.

"You're ok"  I called back.

She has to pass through a spot

where she can't see home

and she can't see Grandma's house.

But then I saw her appear again at the bottom of the hill . . .

first the pony tail along with the white tip of Toby's tail.

Then bit by bit her whole little body,

and Toby's too,

were visible.

At that point, I could hear Grandma call, "Hi!!"

Erin started skipping and faintly I heard, "I have popscicles!"

Grandma's yellow lab Ruger started barking his greeting.

She was at her new destination.

Starting with one small hesitant step in the way she wanted to go.

Isn't it like that?

I know I am supposed to go a new way.

I have to take that hesitant first step in this new direction.

I take a companion for comfort.

And maybe a little treat for some diversion.

But then I cannot see where I left, nor where I am going.

Yet, I am on the road.

And the road keeps going showing me the next steps.

I call out to God.

To know He is there.

I cannot see Him, but I can hear His voice.

Even if it is not audible to my ears.

I can hear it in my spirit.

And it gives me courage when I can't see where I left

and I can't see where I am going.

But then, stepping one small step after another,

I begin to get a glimpse of the new destination.

And there it is that my fear turns into enthusiasm.

And I start skipping.

Photos and text copyright Sept. 2010 Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. Cute story! You are so right, the journey can be very exciting as long as we keep moving. :)

  2. YOu have so much courage and so much strength. I am excited for the ecourse!!!

  3. I love your artwork this week. The words really resonate with me too. I love how you can see your own situation in your daughter's. You are right, it is like that! this was sweet and comforting for me to read.

  4. A lovely story Jodene. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your studio. Wonderful pieces.

  5. I ♥ this post!! I felt like I was walking right beside that cute pony tail! Beautiful story. And your new art work... gorgeous! Are all those pretty colors a paper pattern or paint? It is SO pretty! Can't wait to see the finished piece! :)

  6. Beautiful story. I love the comparison to the two. It is hard to venture out of your comfort zone and small steps are the only way. Thanks for sharing.

  7. wonderful story-and you told it so beautifully. thank you.

  8. This is quite simply amazingly wise and so well-written. Isn't it so wonderful how God uses our children to show us what He would like to teach us, how He displays what faith and courage looks like in such a tangible way.

  9. Yes, beautiful post Jodi ... just beautiful!

  10. beautiful post ... love the words and the new piece of art!

  11. Ditto, ditto, ditto! And I love the way the sun light was coming through on your fotos. Divine. I also loved how you used your handwriting with the stamp. Im inspired. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to meetcha girlie!

  12. Love the pictures from your studio. Can you show us more?

  13. I definitely feel blessed stopping by your site. My heart skipped a beat as you told of your daughter dissappearing over the hill, and in comparison I often wonder what new adventure I will experience with God, when I have felt like I am on my own when I cry out to him he shows me he is there all the time. Love your work by the way, I too took part in the KRR ecourse, very inspiring, will definitly check yours out.



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