Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Hills Photo Shootout ~ Boondocks's Vintage Pop Culture Fun


is located south of Deadwood, SD.

It is loaded with vintage

pop culture . . .

Betty Boop and Elvis,

Hollywood memorabilia & collectables . . .

I was a bit partial

to the weathered Betty Boop . . .

gave her a bit of a

vintage, classic

mosaic look.

A classic Ferris Wheel

was fun to shoot.

experiment with techniques


...amped up the color a bit

...fully saturating the shadow

...adding brightness and saturation

Just some fun photos to play with...

Vintage Hollywood isn't complete

without a bit of Marilyn ~

~ Monroe ~

I do like this quote

~ embracing identity as a woman


enjoying it ~

While these aren't my typical photos,
they gave me good opportunities to experiment
on quiet models that don't complain
about getting another picture taken
and with photo processing software.

Just some fun playing and learning from the Black Hills Photo Shootout.

copyright Jodene (Jodi) Shaw.


  1. these are so great, Jodi! I am partial to Marilyn...I collect all things Marilyn:)

    I need to just get out there and play like this then work on effects with my photos...maybe one of these days.

    Love those ferris wheel pics, too.

    Enjoy your day!!

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