Monday, October 27, 2014

Fifteen Minutes to Gratitude

It is my desire to see.
To really see with eyes of gratitude.
I don't have to travel far.
Just a 15 minute walk through the windbreak of Chinese Elm trees
on the other side of the fence in my yard
is all it takes to open my eyes.

At times when I walk and find beautiful things,
there is a nagging voice
in my mind
that attempts to mock me
tell me that I am foolish
to find joy and beauty in such simple things
when there is so much heartbreak and brokenness in this world.

I believe
the truth
is that
there is
in finding
joy and beauty

in the simple

the ordinary

the everyday

that surround us right where we are.

I love these words of Martin Luther . . .

God writes the gospel
not in the Bible alone, but
on trees and flowers
and clouds and stars.

When I discover wonder and awe and fascination
for the everyday, ordinary miracles
my life

I just started a wonderful online class with Jeanne Oliver.
Perfect for fall.
Check it out here:  Woodland Girls
I also just opened up registration for two new class on November 15 and December 6
at Sturgis Photo and Gifts.
Here's the details and registration info: 
You can also come see me at my booth
at the Pinedale Bazaar on November 8, 2014, from 8:00-3:00
at Pinedale Elementary School on West Chicago in Rapid City, SD.

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