Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Creative Sacred Journeys.

Some journeys,
I want to take.
Others need to be taken.

This was both.

a class that I share with others
from a personal journey that I needed to take.

Once I make it through - - 
or make some steps forward with many left to take - -
I can't help but want
to take the hands of others
as they take

are not only things
that I enjoy,
but also
that help me find my way.

They help me
look at where I am and where to begin.

They help me get real.

as well

Those tools
help me face my fears,
bring them into the light,
so that I can face them with faith.

They help me remember where I have been,
who has been a significant part of my journey,
and how I want to live in my today.

If I'm going to share something with others,
it must mean something to me.
It must be authentic.
It needs to be something I believe in wholeheartedly. 

That's what these times
of sharing art and photo adventures are all about.

Sharing my heart and the tools that have helped me along the way.

It's about providing time and space

to listen to the whispers in your heart,

to work through the hard things,

to have a safe place to be with the questions,

to remember the values and beliefs held dear,

to celebrate gratitude,

and, yes, to be creative and learn something new.

I wish I could put adequate words
to what we do here
and to what I offer,
and the unplanned messages that always show up
that have meaning outside of what I could imagine.

I don't know what to call it.
Art class?  Hmmm.... that's a tiny part of it.
Retreat?  Well, yes... but it's not your normal retreat.
Camp?  Perhaps... but that seems a bit trendy.
Adventure?  Yes . . . but maybe that will scare you away...
It is all of those things.

I know it is real.

I know it is important.

I know it is meaningful to myself, 
and I really believe it makes a positive difference
to the lives of those that attend.

I know that it matters.

It is not just for artists.
Not just for what we call "creative people".
It's for anyone, really, who wants to take time to focus
on what is really important,
to just breathe,
to maybe have space to heal,
to grow and stretch,
to honor who you were made to be.

The projects are fun and beautiful.
But they are not as much of a masterpiece
as what happens inside your spirit.

Some of the most beautiful projects and beautiful moments
are too sacred to share photos.

But sacred journeys 
are what happen.

Perhaps that is what I will call them in the future:

creative sacred journeys.





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  1. I like the quote about being afraid to live what you believe and playing life to safe. I also like how you are so passionate about your art and how it guides you.

    I see you are coming to Women In Ag and doing a class. I am looking forward to meeting you!


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