Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I Will Dare ~ Mixed Media Art Class

What are the things that seem to stop you in your tracks?

What holds you back?

What keeps you from moving forward?

The essence of "daring" is faith.

At the core, daring and courage are future focused
and that takes faith.

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for,
the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

The things that require each person 

to "dare" or "be of good courage"

can be completely opposite,

yet legitimate

depending on the time . . . on the season

one is in.

Or even depending on personality differences.

Saturday, I led a class focused
identification of the things that hold us back,
and making a statement of daring
in the face of scary thoughts or challenging circumstances.

I am using my piece as a place for my family to
remember and celebrate and treasure
daring and courageous moments . . . 
no matter how things turn out.

Sydney already made a bold move
to sing a solo at church on Sunday.
So she wrote it down
and tucked it in the pocket.

Sometimes when we create something
and place it in a prominent place,
it helps us to be intentional about living it.

Inspirational Reading about "Daring & Courage":
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Undaunted by Christine Caine
The Frog and Toad Treasury by Arnold Lobel

The variety in the pieces
as divinely beautiful
the variety of women
around the tables

We were brave
in trying new things,
in sharing stories,
in meeting new people,
in taking time out.

Just this morning, my mentor, life-coach, favorite author, and friend,
"tweeted" this post:
"Courage is doing it frightened." (J.Briscoe) 
Reminds me of Ps. 56:3,
"WHEN I am afraid, I'll trust in You" 
& go on to do what I'm afraid of.

Yes, indeed, Joan!

If you could fill in the blanks,
what would you say?

Even if _________________, I will dare to _______________.

Even though ____________________, I will dare to __________________.

Why not write some statements down?
Talk about it with your family.
Maybe even create a reminder . . . 

Go out and be strong and courageous today!

Take a risk and put yourself out there . . . 
God's grace is with you!

{A huge THANK YOU to the ladies that spent their afternoon with me!}
{Amy & her daughters Megan and Morgan, Linda, Megan, Keri, & Tiffany.}
{And loads of APPRECIATION to Bob Davis & Terri Jo Oedekoven at Sturgis Photo & Gifts
for hosting my class!}

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  1. Oh, Jodi, my heart is bursting with smiles. What beautiful art you share; inspiring words you create. You are a lovely (and loving) intentional woman with a (creative) heart for God. Thank you thank you for sharing with your world--or which I am a part. :-)
    Thank you for the shout-out. I love the way God brought us together. And I so cherish and admire your courage. You have done "it" scared and all of us are richer for it.


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