Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Treasure Hunting With Toby

I've been walking with Toby the Beagle each morning.

He attacks me when he sees me getting my shoes.

Yesterday, he pouted for 15 minutes 
while I collaged a few pieces of paper onto a board
so that it could dry while we walked.

It is a good thing.
As I said a few days ago,
it does wonders for our relationship.
We are becoming good friends.
Not to mention, we both need exercise . . .
AND he does unpleasant things when we don't walk.
Which he knows are wrong
because when I call his name,
he heads straight to the kennel.


Plus, I am finding lots of treasures.

Like heart shaped rocks


interesting feathers.

And more rocks.

I do not know yet
what I will do with my rapidly growing
rock collection.

But something . . . 

And more treasures like


Most of the leaves have fallen.

So now I can see the nests.

I was snapping pictures of one wishing I could climb a tree

In fact, I really considered climbing one,
sized up the tree,
found a fence post to attach the beagle leash to,
and thought about how I would
manage going out on the limb with my camera.

I decided I better not do it alone.
So I walked a little further down the fence line
to find this sacred home:

I took a deep breath
and smiled big
and thought of
Grandma Marj.

And then I thought about our birdwatching times together.
And then I just wondered . . .
what if she and the Lord are in cahoots up there in heaven
just thinking up ways to surprise me...
and if they are just as delighted as I am
when I come around a bend
to find a nest . . . 

or a cardinal in my yard,
or a strange yellow feather,
or whatever beautiful surprise it might be.

Just what if?

And if they are not,
what fun I will have telling her
these stories
when I get to heaven!

Tomorrow, the weaned calves will be ready
for Toby to be unleashed.
So he will be free to roam the ranch again.
And our walks will still happen,
but I won't be tethered to him and his nose
and he won't be attached to me with my camera.

Lots of exciting things are happening inside too!

Because I recently sold all of my artwork
 to Sturgis Photo and Gifts on Main Street, Sturgis, SD,
{stop in and see them!}
I am busy making new art for upcoming shows:

Pinedale Bazaar at Pinedale Elementary School on Saturday, November 3; 8:30-3:00
Sturgis Winter Frostival, at Sturgis Community Center, Friday November 30-Sunday, December 2
Featured Artist of the Month at Prairie Pages Bookseller in Pierre, SD
for January 2013

So here's a peek into my "studio"
which is my kitchen island:

I am also super excited about THIS:

Lots of excitement happening here!

I'm too busy to be too lonesome for my kindergartner!
But I'm always excited to see my kiddos
come through the door, or step off the school bus.
I am super blessed!


Life is good!


  1. Lovely post Jodene. I like to think that our loved ones are definitely in cahoots with God planning fun little surprises for us. And my weakness is shells! Like you pick up rocks, I pick up shells and have jars and jars of them all over my house. :-)

  2. Lovely treasures you're finding!!! Wishing you great success in your upcoming shows and Art class!!!

  3. I love nests and ALL that YOU share of prairie life!

  4. Beautiful words about your grandma and God being in cahoots to share their love for you. Such an incredibly beautiful feeling I am sure. xo And CONGRATS on the success of the show!

  5. Congratulations on an all inclusive sale of your artwork, way to go! Love how they are promoting and featuring your art, notes to self, how cool is that! You have a great line up for shows all the best at those. Such treasure finding walks, love it, love all the heart rocks, treasures all around you

  6. If I have time when I drive through Sturgis on Friday, I'll be sure to stop and see your artwork! Congrats!

  7. I love all your beautiful treasures and your treasure hunting partner. We walk around our place searching for feathers and goodies too. Love the heart rock collection! Mine is not nearly that big... but I love when I find one! :) Congratulations on your class! How awesome!!

  8. Beautiful things happening in your life. Love reading and seeing all you are doing. So many opportunities coming your way!! So happy for you:)

    Love your rocks, too...I know you will do something amazing with them:)

    Always inspired when I stop by. Keep on sharing!!!



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