Monday, June 25, 2012

Prairie Song Photo Walk

Saturday was a pioneer day for me.
Pioneering into new territory.
Hosting and leading a photo walk and art retreat.

Five lovely ladies
joined me for a day of seeking.

Seeking the unique beauty
of wildflowers
fence posts and barbed wire
gravel roads
the unique beauty
of each other.

Our mission was to search for birds
but they were hiding most of the time.
We did hear them sing their prairie song to us.

Sometimes in life
we have to open our eyes
to what is there
to enjoy

when the thing that we had hoped for

does not 

show up,

come through,


I was hopeful
these ladies
would not get bored with the prairie.

My hopes were so fulfilled.

As we spent about one hour
along a short little stretch
of our gravel road.

And another hour
in the summer sun
White Owl Creek.

Abundance is what we found.
Abundance is what I saw when I looked
at my photographer friends.
In John 10 Jesus said,
I have come that they may have life,
and have it more abundantly.

That is what I saw:
abundant life,
abundant fascination,
abundant beauty.

What beauty do we miss every day
that we drive by or walk by?
Just outside our door?
Or right inside our home sitting right beside us?

Sunday afternoon, I decided to take a nap,
but thumbed through the TV schedule and found 
a documentary:

The message was so much the same as what I had shared.
Slow down.  Be kind. Gentle. Authentic.
Look for the beautiful uniqueness in each person
and like them for who they really are.
See the beautiful, noble, and sacred right where you are.
True to me, it brought tears to my eyes as I watched.
Fred Rogers and I would have been great friends, I think.
We could have done a wonderful retreat together!
But instead I work out carrying on his heart
for being kind to others,
for depth and simplicity
for liking people just the way they are.
And that does take work.

Tomorrow, I will share our art project time.

Watch for new dates appearing on the blog soon!


  1. I love the cardboard encouragements! I wish I could have been there. Maybe another time.

  2. Oh what a sweet retreat!! The day was lovely and wonderful messages scattered throughout. I just know those 5 ladies and your daughter loved it all!!


  3. Okay fantastic photo shoot! Love the messages tucked away among them, and I love the shot your daughter took of her boots :-) Wonderful post really enjoyed my visit here.


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