Friday, October 28, 2011

In The Studio This Week

Lots happening in the studio this week!

A custom order from Etsy that I've been working on . . .

A lady from Vancouver found me
and one of her mom's favorite sayings is,
~ live by what you trust, not by what you fear ~

Isn't that awesome?
I loved it!

So here's photos . . . the gloss is still drying around the beads . . .
so the photos are "fresh"

Excited about my business facebook page!
Have you "liked" it yet? 
You can give me the "thumbs up" here: 

Also getting ready for upcoming events:
Pinedale Bazaar, Saturday, November 5, 2011, Rapid City, SD, 8:30am-3:00pm
Art Moms (and friends) Holiday Boutique in Sioux Falls, SD
Check out the info here:  Art Moms LLC

So, I'm making art like crazy!
~And loving it!~

I {may} be at the Sturgis Holiday Open House on November 18-19 also.
Will announce this when it's "for sure" on the fb page!

My "Studio" music this week has been this:

"What If We Were Real" by MANDISA.
An album loaded with TRUTH and powerful messages!
Love this song:  The Truth About Me

Creating new backgrounds with
and loving this
"patterned" background:

~ Proverbs 31 is my inspiration for this one ~
which reminds me of both of my grandmothers
in their own unique way.

And my little creative artist is working
by my side:

on her "Moxie Girl" kit that I am thinking
we need to use for our Operation Christmas Child shoebox gifts.

and Moxie Girls.
Have you heard of them?

Check out "OCC" here:  Operation Christmas Child
~ Love sharing Jesus with kids with all my heart ~
~ There's no greater difference in a life than wholehearted belief in and love for Him. ~

And here is "Moxie" message:

Here's a fun idea for this weekend:  Pumpkin Mess - age
It's a little tradition I do with my kids & at church last year.
Not sure who to give credit to . . . received it via e-mail several years ago.
But the message sticks & is SO good.

Here's to a great week in your studio!
sneak peek


  1. I love seeing your mixed media pieces- they are so neat!

    I wanted to do the pumpkin thing w/ my kids, but they got up early before me one morning and tried carving them without me (and without cleaning out the insides) so the pumpkins were ruined. Kinda proves a good point, though- if you try to do it alone and don't clean the insides out you get rotten pumpkins instead.

  2. Wow Jodene! You are busy busy! Lots going on...I love your butterfly pieces. Pretty colors as always.

    Blessings xo,

    ps. I "like" your fb page and visit often!

  3. I am about to go and LIKE your page now. Love that you have been so busy and creative! I just don't have the talent for mixed media, so I will have to admire yours:)

  4. As always you inspire my heart!! I LOVE and ADORE your work!!!!

  5. You have so many wonderful things going on! I love the custom order piece. Just beautiful! Do you print your photos on regular photo paper? In the images the photos on the pieces look so wonderfully thick... love that! I hope you have great time at all your upcoming shows! Can't wait to see more of the gorgeous pieces you are making!

  6. Your creativity is just bursting at the seams! So happy for you!

  7. I love that quote and Thanks for shareN

  8. I love your art and we like to send a shoebox gift to children also!

  9. Blessings on your art! It is so good to see your work and see all the places you favorite is the side by side butterfly piece!

  10. Oh, and I am with Jennifer at Studio JRU - what do you use for your photos? I used actual photos (from Wal-Mart 1-hour printing) for the angel using texture photos, and now I am a little stuck, "worrying" if the finish will do something funky when I varnish it...I think I am going to spray it with fixative first... what do you use and if it is actual photos, how do you finish your pieces out?

  11. Your art creations are so beautiful and so is your little artist side-kick painting along side of you. I'm so happy that I've found your blog. There is hope and inspiration all over it!♥

    ♥Lee Ann

  12. Love your juicy new collages, Jodene! I am a bit partial to butterflies :) Hope your shows are awesome!

  13. Wow. Love the special order piece -- all of it, really. Maybe during the Christmas holiday and I have almost a week off from work I'll try my hand at mixed media. I have several books but am just hesitant about trying it, for some reason. Maybe because I have more of a perfectionist than what I'd care to admit to.

  14. Your work is turning out beautifully!! I haven't popped in for a while...congrats on all that's coming up for you! (Adore your little creative one!)


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