Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Erin Grace has been waiting for the dandelions to turn white. . .
we went to the yard a couple weeks ago to pick dandelions
I told her we could not pick them if she wanted them to turn white
And that we'd have to wait.
So she said, "Ok, let's lay down right here and wait."
At last, Mother's Day . . .she says, "Oh LOOK!  There's white flowers . . . and so I wrote the experience as my first entry in my poem journal {one of my projects from The Artistic Mother by Shonna Cole}.

And my Jim remembered the Robin's Nest necklace I loved from Hazelnut Cottage . . . 3 eggs for my 3 babies.  Yes, that's my pores, my scars, my wrinkles, and my new favorite piece of jewelry...took the picture myself.  I'd call it a "reverse macro".
Sydney Jo had a sweet little piggy that she made for me to go with the little lady bug from last Mother's Day.  And my son made lovely stationary that he hand-stamped.
~A beautiful day to be a mom~A beautiful day of life~

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