Wednesday, March 31, 2010

~letting her lead me to my art~

Sometimes I am selfish when I want to create~I just want it to be my time. But then that inner core value within me of savoring life right where I am {which includes being a mom of delightful and full~of~life kids} wakes up and says, "THIS is one of those moments". To savor~to share before it is gone. Savor it and share it while you have it.

If I create my "studio" at my dining room table, Erin is sure to exclaim, "I want to PAINT!!" And so... this was one of those days that she painted and I grabbed my camera and blended my art with hers. Beautiful and messy. I love it! I love it when it "works". When I just let her take the lead and I follow ~ because, really and truly, I love to photograph. And if I am photographing, I am content. So if I give her the lead, I can follow along with my camera and thoroughly enjoy myself.

But sometimes, I'm crabby and selfish, and then it doesn't work. And I never find my "creative zone". . .

But in times like these my "creative zone" finds me because I let go . . . and let her lead . . .


  1. Letting my daughter be an artist means I have to take a deep breath and embrace the chaotic messes. For example, at this very moment, there is Moon Sand scattered all over my dining room table {and floor}. Probably how Jim feels about me and my messes of scrapping, painting, and books, journals, pens & paper everywhere.

  2. I can definitely relate. I have had to learn to accept mess. But I'm not always willing. It is good when we can embrace the moment.



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