Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The story the sunflowers tell...

Photo 1: "Self-Portrait"
This is me. A bud filled to capacity, compelled to let the voice out, tentatively beginning to bloom, prepared to burst forth.

Photo 2: "Potential"
Another view of myself. . . perhaps a view of you...

Photo 3: "Applause"
The encouragement, cheer and joy of the sunflowers. . . bursting with praise and beauty that reflects the glory of God, and encourages each of us to have the courage to shine forth in the beauty that is ours and ours alone to reveal, a beauty that was given by God to reflect a part of Him.
Photo 4: "The time is now"
A reminder...there is little time, there is no guarantee of time. The time between budding and dying is brief.

copyright 2009. Jodene Shaw.

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