Thursday, April 14, 2016

Consider Birds Sneak Peek and Supply List

 Consider Birds:
Trading Anxiety for Peace of Mind

an online class
Jodene Shaw
based on Matthew 6:26
"Look to the birds of the air..."

beginning May 16, 2016
 Register at
Early registration just $38 through April 20.
Regular registration: $55

Hey friends!
Today I am showing just a sneak peak of a few
projects from Consider Birds
along with a little prayer for the class
and a suggested supply list.

First, just a peek.
I don't want to give away all of the surprises...

Just a note:
the easiest way to get
close photographs of birds
is to feed them in your yard.
I have videos about this
and some fun bird food projects.
But if you want to get started attracting them now,
get some black sunflower seed and start feeding.

My Prayer for this class is inspired by this:

My Grandma Marj took me under her wing when I was a little girl.
She taught me the names of the birds and to appreciate the uniqueness of each one.
Each bird was a treasure.
She taught me to build a bird life list.
I will share this with you and you can begin yours if you haven't yet.

Here is my video reading of the prayer:

Thank YOU for bringing
Consider Birds together in my mind.
For the legacy of Grandma Marj.
May this journey begin 
to unravel the threads 
that have been tied tightly in knots
of anxiousness, worry and endless striving
that always felt "not quite enough"
in my life, some family members,
and all those who interact with this material.

May the knots
each of us
in freedom
the abundant life
unforced rhythms of grace
that You offer.
May a legacy of grace fly forward
on wings
This is my prayer for Consider Birds
and the lives it touches...
Amen, Jesus.

I am just excited for you to experience 
the material I have prepared for you.

This has been growing in my heart since I was a little girl.
I had no idea what a beautiful thing God would do with it all...
including the pain of my migraines
which made me pay attention
and dig deep.

My video message to you about supplies:

Following are photos and a list of suggested supplies for Consider Birds.
Some supplies have links for ordering.

*2x4 or 2x6 inch board cut into squares or rectangles
*Birch round (Michael's)
*Stretched canvas 5x7 inch or preferred size
*old weathered pieces of wood

Paper:  scrapbook papers, old books/dictionaries you can tear up, vintage papers, wallpaper books

You will need a computer to watch videos and a printer to print PDFs of vintage bird images and poetry that I will share with you.
I use a vintage typewriter for text in my art, but you can download a vintage typewriter font for your computer and print from there.

*Gesso:  white, black and clear
*Mod Podge matte or Liquitex Matte Medium
*Golden Crackle Paste and/or Molding Paste
*Optional: Liquitex Gloss Medium and Varnish

*Sponge brushes
*Stiff bristled brushes
*Black tacks/nails

*Plastic palette knives or just a plastic knife
*old gift cards
*Acrylic Paint:  heavy bodied, academic level, and/or craft paint

Colors I will use:  
Raw umber, yellow ochre, payne's gray, any shade of turquoise, reds, unbleached titanium, white

Suggestion:  Use a 40% off one item coupon at Michael's and get a starter set of Golden or Liquitex heavy bodied acrylic paints. You can mix and make your own colors from a basic set.

*Distress Ink Pad in Vintage Photo and/or other preferred colors
*Others are optional:  Distress Stains, Distress Crackle Paint in Clear Rock Candy (highly suggest), Ranger Alcohol Inks

*Hammer, needle nosed pliers, scissors, sandpaper (100 grit)
*20 gauge wire in your choice of color (found in beading/jewelry section)
*found or collected objects like sticks (sanded), heart shaped stones or stones of a certain color, beads, buttons, safety pins, clothes pins.... just fun objects you might have or find.

Various Rubber Stamps with patterns and perhaps birds.
*In addition to stamps you may want to collect netting, bubble wrap, jar openers and things that you can create patterns and textures with...

*Sculpey Clay, white, 8 oz.
You don't need an 8 lb box!

Recollections Chipboard Kit for creating a bird life list book.
Spiral bound sketchbook for gratitude journal and prayer projects. (See video.)

These are suggested.
You don't have to use the exact supplies I have.
Use what you have.
Watch the videos and decide how you want to do the projects.
You might have supplies that will fit the project.
Remember, you will have access to this for an unlimited time.
Consider it like a cookbook.  You don't have to buy all the ingredients for all of the recipes.
You get to decide which ones to try first. 

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  1. oh this class is speaking to my heart BIG TIME!! I am trying to figure out how I can do it. We are in a financial dry spell at the moment. I am praying it works out....I KNOW this is what I need at this time in my life Jodi!! And like you birds have always just spoke to me. Your projects look amazing. I hope to be here!!!!! I am going to start gathering my supplies in faith that I CAN take this class:)


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