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New online class on courage and art beginning January 11, 2016
Register and video here: www.whiteowlwings.com

One day
I stepped up to my typewriter
and typed a thought
that had entered my mind:

"One day she stopped waiting
for the green lights of approval."

What happened next
was that all of the fears holding me back
from taking steps toward 
hopes, dreams, ideas, and goals
just poured out
of my fingers and onto the
little cards rolling through
the typewriter.

As they were acknowledged
something powerful happened:
they came to the light
could be handled
fresh perspective.

What if I acknowledged
the things I allowed to hold me back,
faced them,
made new choices?
How would my life change?

I have waited.
I have lingered on the edge
of creating an online class
with videos.
I am stepping over that edge
to offer a class
for you
to bring you right up to your own edges
and encourage
you to step out
with courage
with fun
and creative tools
that have helped me
in my own journey.


My heart is full...
ready to spill out with 
encouragement and inspiration for you
in an online class and a live class offering in January.

"One Day"
a 2 1/2 week online class
where you will be lead on a journey
with the tools of crafting, simple art,
journaling, outdoor walking, and taking pictures
to find your faith and courage
to step forward into your life
with authenticity and wholeheartedness.

Featuring videos with 
8 creative projects,
journaling prompts,
printable materials for journaling and projects,
photography prompts, tips, and guides,
personal testimonies of faith and overcoming fear from me,
suggestions for scripture memory verses.

Complete on your own time.
Unlimited time to access class materials.

January 11-27, 2016.
Registration: $55

"One Day"
an art afternoon class
at my home.
We will create a mixed media collage and clay art project
and take a photo and journaling walk
on the ranch
where you will find hidden 
treasures for your heart 
along the path
that will edify your courage
and invigorate your spirit.
Dress warm.
Expect the unexpected blessings.
All art supplies provided.

Choose from two dates:
February 10
February 26
12:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Art Afternoon Registration: $75

Special combination price
for online class and art afternoon:

{Space is limited to 5 per day}

One Day Class Options

Contact me with questions
or to register by mail:
Jodene Shaw
PO Box 82
White Owl, SD 57792


  1. Terrific job! This speaks so lovingly of how faith is such a part of you life.

  2. Ahhhh. I'm smiling here, Jodi! And thank you for those smiles. One day... You've had so many courageous "one days"! Wish we could sit down and face each other and have lunch together.

  3. This is beautifully worded and the invitation is felt!


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