Thursday, April 1, 2010

Being an Artist = Being Brave

Last week Jim & I attended the Home Show in Rapid City, and I had one of the best compliments from a complete stranger. A young lady that paints murals and faux finishes was sitting in her booth surrounded by samples of her art. I walked up to look at her portfolio and her mother or aunt sitting beside her said, "Well, here is a sister artist. I can just tell. Look at your jewelry." It had never occurred to me before that the way I dressed could identify me as an artist. And. . . I can't remember anyone ever specifically naming me an artist. But it was like a tiny glimmering sparkle of a little-girl dream within me was affirmed and encouraged to step out.
Yes. I own it. I have dreamed of being an artist. In fact, the high school extracurricular activity that was probably the most authentic to me was "Art Club." I have loved and appreciated many forms of art. Writing. Photography. Sketching. Collage. Scrapbooking. And now. . . mixed media where I bring all of them together.

So. . . inspried by mixed media artist Kelly Rae Roberts' book Taking Flight and her blog . . .as well as my desire to "tell my story". . . I've decided to start sharing my artist's and spiritual journey ~ ~
So, I share, so that I can show the growth and process of finding my unique art & story to express ~ another layer of finding and using my voice ~ This is just a sketch of an idea that I want to develop...conceptual art...expressing personal & spiritual transformation.

Sharing my art is another step in living my authenticity ~ scary ~ yet free ~ another step in embracing the true me ~

It's just another way of telling my story ~ those hearing me speak at the Winter Women's Retreat will see elements of that story in my art ~

The wings are not fairy wings and they are not angel wings. The wings are the symbol of a new, changed, transformed life. A more authentic life. A life that has underwent metamorphosis. That is my story.
Text & Art by Jodene (Jodi) Shaw 2010
Thanks to Kelly Rae Roberts Mixed Media Artist and Webster Pages for patterened papers, K & Company for chip board butterfly stickers.